Increase Your Home Base Business Productivity – 5 Rules

Your home based business success can depend largely on how much you get done. Productivity quickly becomes central to your focus – how to do it all, and do it well.5 Rules To Help Increase Your Home Based Business Productivity
1 – Create a big picture plan. Start from the end and work back.
2 – Have clear boundaries between work hours and family hours.
3 – Work on one project with complete focus at a time.
4 – Prepare ahead.
5 – Take your work time and your business seriously.Big Picture: You have to know what you are working towards in order to achieve it. Another way to look at it is to have the end in mind and take continual steps towards it. Do this for your primary goal as well as every project you undertake.Clear Boundaries: When your kids were young, would they make a fuss if their food was touching? My son still doesn’t like his food to touch and he’s 18! This is because it changes the taste and it doesn’t look so good either. It’s the same with working at home. If home and work hours ‘touch’, it’s just not the same. They become muddy. You don’t have your mind focused one hundred percent on either so guess what you get? Work and family life that is not the best it could be. You also get a lot more stress than you may have bargained for. The rule is simple… work when you are working, play when you are playing.Focus: Focus comes when you have created and enforced clear boundaries. To work with laser focus you need to take it a step further and clear your mind of all distractions and concentrate on the task at hand. It’s amazing how much your volume of quality work will increase.Prepare Ahead: By preparing ahead you mentally are preparing your mind to move right in on what ever the project may be. You are eliminating options and therefore distraction. You can also save a lot of time by preparing ahead if you do it at the end of your work session. This eliminates time spent looking for things because you are setting up while everything is clear in your mind. Sometimes a file folder or basket for your particular project makes this much easier.Attitude: You need to look at your business as a business and spend your work time accordingly. It’s very easy to spend too much time playing, or playing at having a business if you don’t have faith in your abilities. Believe in yourself, take your work seriously and the rest will come easier.Following these rules will help you to face in the right direction. The direction of productivity and progress.